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Frequently Asked Questions

If you registered for the program with our system please follow the following steps:
  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the "Complete Test/Evaluation" tab on the top left side of the page. The "Programs and Pending CE" page will display.
  3. Click on the "Live" tab (if the program was a live program) or "Home Study" (if the program was an enduring or home study program)
  4. Click on the program name, the program details will appear
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the green "Complete Evaluation" button, (If there is a pop-up for an Evaluation Code, please enter it)
  6. Answer all the questions
  7. Click "Submit"
  8. Your credit will automatically be reported to the CPE Monitor if you have completed this process within 60 days of the event or within the expiration date of the home study program

You have likely attended what is known as a "private" live event.   
  1. You'll want to login to our website
  2. Click on the “Complete Test/Evaluation” tab on the top left side of the page. The “Programs and Pending CE” page will display. 
  3. At the bottom of the page is a gray bar which states “To access a private program, enter the registration code here.” Enter the registration code given at the conclusion of the program and written at the top of this page, then click “Register” (pressing enter won’t work.)
  4. The program details will display.  Scroll down and click on the green “Register Now” button at the bottom.
    1. ?If the session you are looking for doesn't appear, it is likely that the code you are entering is an "Evaluation Access Code" which can only be used AFTER you have registered for the overall event. Please find the "Instructions to Claim CPE Credit" document provided by the conference you attended for the overall event code.
  5. Confirm your personal information – especially your NABP E-ID and month/day of birth.  Click on the blue “Register” button at the bottom. 
  6. The program details page will display. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the green “Complete Evaluation” button, answer all the questions. and click “Submit”
This credit will automatically be reported to the CPE Monitor if you have completed this process within 60 days of the event and have provided the correct e-Profile ID and month/day of birth.  Individual credit statements or transcripts may be printed from your NABP e-profile.
Questions or Problems? Contact us at 803-777-9979 or

If you attended a conference, but did not attend some of the sessions, you should only complete the evaluation for the session(s) you attended. Once you complete an evaluation from a specific session, your NABP Profile will be credited for that session.  If you complete evaluations of sessions you did not attend, please note that the South Carolina College of Pharmacy receives an attendance list from the conference sponsor. If the records show you received credit for a session you did not attend, your NABP Profile will be corrected.

ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) have developed a continuing pharmacy education (CPE) tracking service, CPE Monitor, that will authenticate and store data for completed CPE units received by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from ACPE-accredited providers. The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy is an ACPE accredited provider.

The CPE tracking system creates a direct link for sending CPE data from ACPE-accredited providers to ACPE and then to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), ensuring that all reported CPE units are officially verified by ACPE-accredited providers.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must obtain a unique identification number from NABP to be used when registering for a CPE activity from an ACPE-accredited provider. As an ACPE provider of continuing education, we will upload each participant’s NABP e-profile ID number and claimed credit to the CPE Monitor. After CPE units are processed by ACPE and NABP, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be able to login to a comprehensive electronic profile to access information about their completed CPE.
To register for or to confirm your NABP E-ID please go to the CPE Monitor.

Please contact us to change your email address, unfortunately due to your email address also being your username our system will not allow you to do this on your own. 

If you cannot remember your password, you may reset it by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.  Your username is the email you used when you initially registered your account.
If you cannot remember your login information, please DO NOT create a new account.  This action will prevent your transcript from being complete and located in one account.  You can reset your password or contact us to reset your password and/or verify your username (email we have on file).  If you are using a different email address than the one on file, please contact us to update your email/login information. 

Never fear! This information is still there.
To access the slides/handouts from past programs after you completed the evaluation, and the program is no longer on your Pending Programs list. You'll need to do the following:
  1. Click on "View/Print CE Credit" (depending on how long ago the program you want to access was, you may need to adjust the time period).
  2. Click on "Course Materials" under the title of the program you want the slides from
  3. This will take you to that program and to the "Course Materials" section. You may still need to scroll down to see the list of documents
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

No, we only automatically submit to the CPE Monitor. To submit to CE Broker you will need to complete this manually. The information needed will be found in the "View/Print CE" after you login.  

There are normally only two reasons for why your credits aren't showing up in you CPE Monitor profile
  1. Your account in our system has incorrect information.
    • This can be that your Profession is listed incorrectly E.g. You may have chosen "Physician" and not "Pharmacist", so the NABP ID/Birthday field wasn't shown.
    • Your NABP ID is incorrect and/or your birthday is incorrect in our system (we normally will reach out if the system provides us with an error)
  2. You have already claimed credit for this activity. If the UAN is the same as another course that you have taken, then you won't receive double credit.
    • If you have a question regarding why you're not seeing it show up in your profile please contact us: