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About Us
The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy began educating pharmacists 151 years ago. The Continuing Education department is committed to providing quality continuing education to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other healthcare professionals. 
The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider for continuing pharmacy education.
Should you have any questions regarding upcoming programs or claiming credit, please feel free to reach out at or 803-777-9979.
Welcome to the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy's
Continuing Education Department!
In order to obtain Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE), pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must register in the CPE Monitor® system.  
To register or look up your NABP e-Profie ID, please go to the CPE Monitor System website by clicking on their logo below:
To receive credit for courses, programs attended live or by home study must be submitted by accredited providers no later than 60 days after completion of the CPE activity. Credit submitted after this time will be rejected by the CPE Monitor.  To ensure that we have adequate time to submit activity in accordance with this rule and contact you regarding any issues with transmission, we request participants to complete evaluations and update their profile within 30 days of the activity. 
 If we can assist you with any questions regarding completion and reporting of CPE activity credit, please feel free to contact us.
CE Catalog
Please note that not all programs listed below are available for registration via our site.  They will direct you to another link for registration if necessary!
Programs Release Date Expiration Date Flyer Hours
Clarifying Penicillin Allergies Allergy Interviews, Skin Testing and Delabeling 08/30/2019 08/30/2022 Flyer 1.00
Asthma Management: New Developments 02/24/2020 02/24/2023 N.A. 1.50
Cannabidiol (CBD) 04/22/2019 04/22/2022 N.A. 1.50
Diabetes Management Update: A Patient-Centered Approach 01/22/2020 01/22/2023 N.A. 1.50
Beyond Diabetes: Benefits of SGLT2 Inhibitors and GLP-1 Agonists (Pharmacists) 02/22/2020 02/22/2023 Flyer 1.00
Community Acquired Pneumonia Update (Pharmacists) 02/22/2020 02/22/2023 Flyer 1.00
Determining Decisions and Deciphering Dilemmas in Dyslipidemia with Updated American College of Cardiology/AHA Cholesterol Guidelines (Pharmacists) 02/22/2020 02/22/2023 Flyer 1.00
Dementia and Behavioral Disturbances in the Geriatric Population (Pharmacists) 02/01/2020 02/01/2023 Flyer 1.00
Drugs of Abuse: A Focused Update on Abuse and Monitoring (Pharmacists) 02/22/2020 02/23/2023 Flyer 1.00
Management of Pit Viper and Black Widow Envenomation (Pharmacists) 02/22/2020 02/22/2023 Flyer 1.00
Hypertension: Classification, Management, and Monitoring of the Most Common Disease State (Pharmacists) 02/22/2020 02/22/2023 Flyer 1.00
Top 10 Infectious Diseases Topics of 2019 (Pharmacists) 02/01/2020 02/01/2023 Flyer 1.50
The Value of Integrating Pharmacists into Primary Care (Pharmacists) 02/01/2020 02/01/2023 Flyer 1.00
New Approaches to Pain Management: Multimodal Opioid-Free Analgesia (Pharmacists) 02/01/2020 02/01/2023 Flyer 1.00
Overcoming Migraines: Novel Medications to Treat and Prevent Migraines (Pharmacists) 02/01/2020 02/01/2023 Flyer 1.50
UofSC COP Annual Conference 2020 Home Study: Day 1 02/01/2020 02/01/2023 Flyer 7.00
UofSC COP Annual Conference 2020 Home Study: Day 2 02/22/2020 02/22/2023 Flyer 7.00
Immunized People 2020: An Immunization Update (Pharmacists) 02/01/2020 02/01/2021 Flyer 1.00